4 Channel Quads

We are your source for 4 channel black/white and color quads, and all other types of surveillance and spy equipment!


4 Channel Black/White and Color Quad

4 Channel Color or Black & White Quad
QD-104 Black/White 4 Channel Quad.
QD-904R Color 4 Channel Quad.

- Full duplex allows transfer of recording and playback video at the same time.
- 2x2 zoom
- 60 frames per second
- Real time clock
- Title generator
- On-screen display
- No boarder for full quad display
- 2H adaptive comb filters for Y/C separation


QD-104 Retail $88 Our Price $80
QD-904R Retail $180 Our Price $170

A quad is an accessory to your surveillance system that splits a video monitor into 4 screens. Without a quad you would only be able view one camera at a time. A quad is only needed when you are using more than one camera and using a VCR or VISEC to record or when you are only monitoring and not recording at all. Below are two examples of how a quad works:

This is a surveillance system that is monitored only:
Quad Example

This is a surveillance system recording and monitoring:
Quad Example

The quads that we carry are high resolution real time quads that support up to 4 cameras. You also have the ability to playback and zoom in on recorded video.

There are other products out there that can split a screen more than four ways. However, video quality worsens the more ways you split a screen.

A quad is not needed when using a Digital Video Recorder because DVRs have a built-in quad.

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We are your source for 4 channel black/white and color quads, and all other types of surveillance and spy equipment!