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We are your source for professional infrared high resolution zoom cameras, and all other types of surveillance and spy equipment!

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Low Light Outdoor CameraLow Light Outdoor Camera
Excellent high resolution, weatherproof, low light, outdoor camera. Available in color or black & white.
Day/Night Color CameraDay-Night Color Camera
This bullet has a high quality digital CCD that automatically switches from color to black & white in low light conditions. To enhance low light visibility it has built-in 12 high infrared illuminators. Fully weatherproof.
60 LED Day-Night CameraDay/Night Camera with 60 Infrared LED's
Built in X-Vision technology in conjunction with high sensitive IR LED's and a 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD image sensor make this one of the best selling cameras of the year. Extraordinary picture in pitch black conditions with the truest color reproduction in a day/night camera.
Snake CameraFlexible Snake Camera
If you want to be really sneaky then you need the snake camera. Capable of reaching the smallest of places. This camera was used in the movie Executive Decision by agents trying to save a plane from highjackers.

220X Day-Night Zoom Camera220x Day/Night Zoom Camera
High quality, ultra high resolution (480 lines Sony Super HAD) color Day / Night zoom camera. Automatically switches from color to black & white below 3 Lux for excellent video in low light conditions (.001 Lux). Unique digital slow shutter technology.

The Cyber EyeInfrared Digital Surveillance Cybereye Camera
The Cyber Eye is a digital surveillance camera that senses the image of an intruder and automatically records and saves it to memory. It's easy to install and very small. This camera is great for catching someone sneaking around your house or you can put it in your car and aim it out the window.

Professional cameras can be mounted on walls, ceiling brackets, buildings, indoors and outdoors. Professional security cameras are usually high resolution resulting in a very sharp image with great detail. They come in color or black & white.

We offer professional security cameras that are weatherproof, waterproof, day/night, low-light and and even a snake camera that can access almost any space.

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We are your source for professional infrared high resolution zoom cameras, and all other types of surveillance and spy equipment!